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At Hello Cannabis, we take great pride in our commitment to providing a wide range of premium cannabis products meticulously curated to ensure exceptional quality and potency. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to select only the best strains and products for our Vista cannabis enthusiasts.

Here’s more on why customers love us:

  • Quality: Our products are meticulously curated from trusted national and local California brands, ensuring premium quality and potency.
  • Community: We actively support and engage with the local Vista community, fostering a sense of belonging and support.
  • Education: Our knowledgeable staff provides personalized guidance to help you make informed decisions about your cannabis use.

When you choose Hello Cannabis, you’re not just choosing a product – you’re choosing a trusted partner in your journey towards experiencing the best that the world of cannabis offers.

Unbeatable International Dab Day Discounts

To make your 710 Day extraordinary, we’re offering special promotions on our cannabis oil products, extracts and concentrates. Here are some highlights:

What is 710 Day? The Rise of a Popular Cannabis Holiday

710 Day, also known as National Oil Day or Dab Day, is celebrated on July 10th. When you flip the term 710 upside down, it spells oil, highlighting cannabis oils and cannabis concentrates. This day is dedicated to the cannabis community, especially cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy consuming cannabis oil products and cannabis extracts. It’s a day to celebrate the vibrant cannabis culture and the rising popularity of cannabis concentrates in the mainstream cannabis industry.

It’s also a time to educate and spread awareness about the benefits of concentrates and nod our hats to the pioneers of the concentrate scene. Without their help in the science of cannabis extraction, these high-potency products may not have been possible. 710 Day is not just about celebrating but also acknowledging the hard work and dedication put into creating these concentrated forms of cannabis.

How to Have a Happy 710 Day

Get your stash ready with Phenotopia’s killer deals on premium cannabis oil products and concentrates. It’s time to elevate your 710 Day with California’s finest extracts. But first, here’s a quick rundown of how to prepare for the big day:

  • Clean That Dab Rig: A clean rig means smooth, tasty hits. Keep your dab rig ready for max enjoyment of cannabis concentrates. Clean rig, happy lungs!
  • Choose Your Faves: From live resin to hash oil, pick out your go-to cannabis extracts. Phenotopia’s selection has got you covered with the best products.
  • Stay in the Know: Follow us on social media for the latest drops, deals, and cannabis culture updates. Don’t miss the exclusive offers that’ll make your 710 Day extra special.
  • Try Something New: Feeling adventurous? 710 Day is the perfect time to explore new cannabis concentrates. Discover fresh favorites and expand your cannabis horizons with our top-tier selection.
  • Gather the Squad: Celebrate with your crew and enjoy some quality dabs together. There’s nothing like sharing good times and great cannabis with friends in the California sunshine.
  • Hydrate and Celebrate: Stay hydrated to keep the good vibes flowing. Have plenty of water on hand, snacks, and take breaks!

710 Day is all about savoring the experience, so start with small dabs and enjoy the journey!


What does 710 mean?

Flip 710 upside down, and you get “OIL,” which is all about cannabis oils and concentrates. 710 is a code used by cannabis enthusiasts to refer to these types of products. Similar to how “420” is associated with smoking cannabis, “710” has become synonymous with consuming oils and concentrates.

What is the significance of 710 Day? What is the origin of 710 Day?

710 Day is a big, fun celebration dedicated to the culture and love of cannabis oil products and extracts. It started gaining popularity in the early 2010s, popping up as the trendy sibling to the iconic 420 holiday.

Why celebrate 710?

710 is your day to chill and enjoy cannabis concentrates, spotlighting a buzzing and growing part of the cannabis scene. It’s also a time to reflect on those who’ve helped the cannabis industry evolve to where it is today and how far we’ve come in terms of acceptance and understanding of these products. Plus, who doesn’t love a good excuse to celebrate and indulge in some high-quality oils and extracts?

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