420 Dispensary Deals & Discounts

Gear up, Vista! This April, Hello Cannabis is rolling out the green carpet for an epic 420 celebration. We’re your go-to dispensary for all things cannabis, and we’re not holding back. Get ready for a month filled with mind-blowing deals that’ll elevate your 420 to new highs. Whether you’re a preroll aficionado, a concentrate connoisseur, or an edibles enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. Don’t sleep on this — hit up our website now and make your 420 one for the books!

🌿 Our Hottest 420 Deals 🌿

On 4/20 we are offering our first 50 customers 50% off their order. For all other customers we will be taking care of all taxes for them on 4/20!


What is 4/20?

The day when cannabis lovers from all corners of the globe unite to celebrate the leaf that we all hold dear. It’s about community, culture, and lighting up in honor of our favorite plant.

How did 4/20 start?

The saga began with the Waldos, a group of high school students, in 1971 in California. They set out on a quest tied to a 4:20 PM meetup, sparking a tradition that would ignite a global celebration.

Who invented 4/20?

The Waldos are the legends behind 4/20, turning their code for cannabis escapades into a worldwide day of celebration. Talk about leaving a legacy!

Where can I get 4/20 dispensary deals and discounts?

Look no further than Hello Cannabis! This April, especially on 4/20, we’re your HQ for the best deals in town.

When is 4/20?

April 20th is the day it all goes down. Mark your calendars, rally your crew, and get ready to dive into the best deals and vibes at Hello Cannabis.

Let’s Make This 4/20 Legendary

At Hello Cannabis, we’re more than just a dispensary; we’re a family, a community, and your partners in cannabis. With unbeatable deals and a menu curated for and by true enthusiasts, we’re here to make sure your 4/20 is packed with nothing but good times and great weed. Let’s light up this 4/20 like never before!