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This ice cream cake won’t melt in your bowl. This delectable hybrid strain offers a powerful, high and delicious flavors that make for a memorable session. Get ready to savor the sweetness as we walk you through everything you need to know about the Ice Cream Cake strain.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Overview

Cannabis lovers in North County and beyond have clamored for Ice Cream Cake time and time again — and for good reason. Get the basics of this strain and learn precisely why it’s so beloved by so many.

Potency and Cannabinoid Content

With a THC content of around 22% (it could be higher or lower depending on the harvest and cultivator), Ice Cream Cake delivers a potent experience without being too overwhelming. The strain also contains small but significant amounts of Cannabigerol (CBG) at around 1%. This minor cannabinoid is believed to have an effect on pain and anxiety.

Ice Cream Cake’s Terpene Profile

Ice Cream Cake boasts a rich terpene profile, with caryophyllene as the most abundant terpene. Beyond its aromatic contributions, caryophyllene also lends potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties to this strain.

Following closely after caryophyllene is limonene, which introduces a refreshing burst of citrus notes and may impact your stress levels. Linalool adds delicate floral undertones that pair quite nicely with a dessert-inspired strain.

Ice Cream Cake delivers a creamy combination of vanilla with hints of sweet, sugary dough. Together, these terpenes create Ice Cream Cake’s unique and appealing aroma while shaping the experience you can expect.

What The Ice Cream Cake Strain Looks Like

The Ice Cream Cake strain boasts rich shades of purple, complemented by vibrant speckles of orange and green. The surface of the buds are often coated with a sparkling layer of trichomes, giving them a frosty, crystal-like texture.

Genetics: Wedding Cake Meets Gelato #33

Ice Cream Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its impressive genetic lineage. It is created through a crossbreed of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, resulting in a hybrid with a 75:25 indica to sativa ratio.

From Seedling To Harvest: Ice Cream Cake Cultivation Tips

Ice Cream Cake thrives when grown indoors or outdoors. The plant has a flowering time of around 8 to 9 weeks and can grow quite tall. One of the notable advantages of Ice Cream Cake is its generous yield, rewarding growers with a bountiful harvest of high-quality flower.

The Ice Cream Cake Strain’s Multifaceted Effects

Ice Cream Cake delivers a well-rounded spectrum of effects. You can expect a profound relaxation that blankets your body from head to toe. This strain has those same effects mentally, helping you unwind after a long day.

If you consume cannabis medicinally, this strain’s calming effects may be valuable for managing chronic pain or stress. Furthermore, its soothing nature can be a powerful tool in promoting restful sleeping, potentially providing relief to those whose symptoms keep them up at night.

One review on Allbud said about Ice Cream Cake: “I’ve been looking for a good indica to help me rest at night [and] this may be the winner.” They described the flavor as “intense” and credited the effect to put you in a “super relaxed state.” The review also noted Ice Cream Cake’s ability to keep the “aches and pains in check” and allow for “several hours of decent rest.”

Are There Any Side Effects To The Ice Cream Cake Strain?

While Ice Cream Cake offers a positive experience for most, there are a few things to remember before diving in. This strain’s sedating effects may not be conducive to activities that require alertness or focus. Some people may also experience heightened hunger, which can be positive or negative depending on your needs. And just like many other strains, Ice Cream Cake may cause dry mouth and dry eyes or may exacerbate anxiety.

As with any cannabis product, moderation is vital to ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience. To mitigate these potential risks, start with a low dose and stay hydrated during your session. If you’re starting to feel negative effects, don’t push it and enjoy the ride as-is.

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Are There Strains Similar To Ice Cream Cake?

If you’re hunting for a strain similar to Ice Cream Cake, you’ll want to look for options with comparable cannabinoid and terpene compositions. Typically, strains with similar ratios yield closely related effects. You can also turn to the strain’s lineage to inspire other options.

Some potential substitutions include:

  • Wedding Cake: As a parent strain to Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake shares similar effects and THC potency. 
  • Slurricane: With an average THC content of around 21%, Slurricane closely mirrors the cannabinoid profile of Slurricane. It also offers the dominant terpene of caryophyllene. 


Who Created Ice Cream Cake?

Seed Junky Genetics, an award-winning California-based cultivator, initially developed Ice Cream Cake.

Is Ice Cream Cake an Indica or Sativa?

Ice Cream Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its relaxing and calming effects.

Is Ice Cream Cake A Potent Strain?

Ice Cream Cake is considered a potent strain, with an average THC content of around 22%. (This total can go up or down depending on the cultivator and harvest, though.)

Is Ice Cream Cake Strain Good For Beginners?

While Ice Cream Cake is potent, its balanced effects can be suitable for beginners if consumed in moderation and with caution. Go slow with this strain, and you may find that it makes its way into your rotation time and time again.

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